Philosophy - Skyinformatics

Innovation and business segment

The concept idea was launched in the summer 2019, it was about to provide simple project branch - where the main projects are visible through the centralized space for with web-application and software prototypes. Skyinformatics and business is inspired to host prototypes which are sales and marketing driven as well to satisfy process innovation for different use cases.

Sales-driven based philosophy

The term sales-driven is abstract but not unknown. According azcentral business - "A company that employs a sales-driven strategy wants to secure business as soon as possible and emphasizes convincing the customer to buy the product. In a sales-driven firm, sales representatives tend to highlight what the product can do for the customer." In contrast to market-driven approach on "Finding out what the customer needs and puts less emphasis on short-term results."

Representatives in a sales-driven firm have a tendency to micro- manage the sales process. They see each customer as either a potential success or a potential failure, with respect to market analysis.

Implementation of sales-driven philosophy

Our qualitative researches have shown that our that goal of our main projects supports the idea of sales-driven approach. Quote from our research. An example said by high selling coach with 3 athletic and sport colleges: "One can do all of the training types but usually lack seller experience".
In the next part we always as questions due to implementation of sales-driven systems.

  1. How can we support a sales-driven approach in a digital platform or web-application?
  2. How can we improve micro-process that leads towards a sale success between a seller and potential costumer?
  3. How can we avoid failures with a potential connected costumer and their respective seller or vendor.